Sampling locations along the Lake Ontario shoreline, with numbers of times sampled, maximum MC levels reached, and mcyB and mcyD potentials for each month

Regional location, yr, and station nameLocation typeaNo. of times sampledMaximum MC-LReq (μg/liter)bmcyB potential/mcyD potential for indicated mo
JuneJulyEarly AugustLate August
West, 2001
    Fort NiagaraL30.011−/++/+−/−
    Wilson TuscaroraE30.014−/−+/+−/−
    Town of OlcottL20.005−/−−/−
    Golden HillL30.011−/−−/−−/−
Central, 2001
    Lakeside BeachL10.002−/−
    Oak Orchard HarborL20.013−/−−/−
    Braddock BayE20.010−/−−/−
    Eastman ParkL20.010−/−−/−
    Irondequoit BayE50.015−/−−/−−/−+/+
    B. Forman County ParkL20.005−/−−/−
    West Sodus BayE50.004−/−−/−−/−−/−
Southeast, 2001
    Port Bay WestE40.006−/−+/+−/−−/+
    Port Bay EastL40.070−/−−/−−/−+/−
    Little Sodus Bay, lakesideL50.060−/−−/−−/−+/+
    Little Sodus Bay, baysideE30.004−/−−/+
    Fair HavenE20.005−/−−/−
    Oswego Port AuthorityL30.004−/−−/−−/−
    Nine MileL50.029−/−−/−−/−+/+
    Little Salmon RiverL40.010−/−−/−−/−+/+
    Selkirk ShoresL40.015−/−−/−−/−+/+
    Pine GroveE20.005−/−−/−
East and St. Lawrence, 2001
    Sandy PondE10.020−/−
    Lakeview Mgmt AreaL30.010−/−−/+−/−
    Lakeview DEC LaunchE10.003−/−
    Westcott BeachE30.006−/−−/−−/−
    Long Point IsthmusL40.004−/−−/+−/−−/−
    Chaumont BayE40.040−/−−/−−/−−/+
    Tibbit PointL40.005−/−−/−−/−−/−
    Cedar PointE40.005−/−−/−−/−−/−
    Grass PointE30.003−/−−/−−/−
    Collins PointE10.003−/−
Southeast and East, 2003
    West Sodus BayE10.003+/+
    Little Sodus Bay, baysideE10.003+/+
    Oswego RiverE10.293+/+
    Oswego ShoreL20.990+/++/+
    Nine MileL10.321+/+
    Little Salmon RiverL10.200+/+
    Selkirk ShoresL11.043+/+
    Chaumont BayE20.047−/+
  • a L, lakeside sample; E, embayment sample.

  • b For stations sampled more than once, only the maximum MC value is given.