Numbers and percentages of shared and unique genes in three Roseobacter genomes

MethodNo. (%) of genes that are:
Shared 3 waysaUnique to S. pomeroyi DSS-3Unique to Silicibacter sp. strain TM1040Unique to Jannaschia sp. strain CCS1
RBH analysis1,9391,336 (31)1,027 (27)1,685 (39)
ISGS analysis1211,260 (29)983 (25)1,600 (37)
  • a Genes shared three ways are those with orthologs in all three genomes. RBH analysis used the criterion of RBH between pairs of genomes with a corresponding BLAST E value of <10−5 and amino acid identity of >30%. ISGS analysis used one-way BLASTp and tBLASTn analysis to identify genes shared by the three roseobacters but missing from four nonmarine alphaproteobacterial relatives (R. sphaeroides, P. denitrificans, S. meliloti, and M. loti).