Specificities of 119 putative E. coli O55 isolates and 68 non-O55 E. coli isolates and other bacteria

Serological reactionNo. of culturesSources (no.)bConclusions from RFLP analyses of O-antigen gene clusterNo. of positive isolates
O55 wzx PCRO55 wzy PCR
O55102Humans, animals, and environmentNot tested9798
O55, O834Cows (3) and unlisted (1)Not O5500
O55, O83, O229Humans (7), mouse (1), and unlisted (1)Not O5500
O55, O232Chicken (1) and environment (1)Not O5500
O55 (weak reaction)a2Sea gull (2)Not O5500
Non-O5547Human, animals, and environmentNot tested00
Non-E. coli21ATCC and unknownNot tested00
  • a These strains may not be O55 but may be an unidentified O type and/or related to O55.

  • b ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.