Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain (colony morphology) or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Source or reference
P. aeruginosa strains
    PAO1 (WT)Wild-type P. aeruginosa strain PAO1
    PAO1 lasB::gfp (WT)Harbors a mini-Tn5 insertion containing a transcriptional fusion between lasB promoter and gene encoding the green fluorescent protein (gfp)This study
    MJK8, MJK123 (ST)ST isolates from tube biofilm experiments with PAO1This study
    MJK3, MJK22-30 (ST)ST isolates from tube biofilm experiments with PAO1 lasB::gfpThis study
    PAO1-Tn7-gfp (WT)Tn7 chromosomal insertion of gfpThis study
    PAO1-psl (WT)psl deletion mutant (PA2232-PA2235)This study
    MJK8-psl (ST)psl deletion mutant (PA2232-PA2235)This study
    009 37s (ST)Clinical isolate from CF lung5
    009 38s (ST)Clinical isolate from CF lung5
    009 39s (ST)Clinical isolate from CF lung5
    CF127 (ST)Clinical isolate from CF lung40
    pMRP9Plasmid with gfp under control of Tac promoter, carbenicillin resistance (Cbr)7
    pEX18.ApSuicide plasmid used for construction of allelic replacements in P. aeruginosa, ampicillin resistance (Apr)16
    pMO011305Cosmid harboring the PA2231-PA2241 genes of the psl locus, tetracycline resistance (Tcr)18
    pMPSL-KO1Suicide plasmid containing gentamicin (Gm) cassette insertion in psl locus, Gmr and AprThis study