BLAST P comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences of pha genes cloned from P. putida CA-3a

GeneProduct (no. of amino acids)Similar polypeptide% IdentificationOrganismAccession no.
phaC1559PhaC198P. putida KT2440AAM63407
PhaA95P. oleovoransM58445
PhaC194P. putida UAF150670
PhaC177Pseudomonas sp. strain 61-3AB014758
phaZ256PhaZ97P. putida KT2440AAM63408
PhaB96P. oleovoransM58445
PhaZ96P. putida UAF150670
PhaZ89Pseudomonas sp. strain 61-3AB014758
phaC2560PhaC297P. putida KT2440AAM63409
PhaC92P. oleovoransM58445
PhaC287P. putida UAF150670
PhaC273Pseudomonas sp. strain 61-3AB014758
phaG296PhaG98P. putida KT2440AF052507
PhaG95P. oleovoransAF169252
PhaG72Pseudomonas sp. strain 61-3AB047080
  • a PhaC1, PHA synthase 1; PhaZ, PHA depolymerase; PhaC2, PHA synthase 2; PhaG, (R)-3-hydroxyacyl-ACP coenzyme A transferase. Accession numbers for the sequences used in these comparisons are AY714618 and AY714619.