TRF indices with the highest correlation with select true indicesa

Threshold (%)TRF size distribution groupCorrelation with indicated true index
1OTU0.36 (TRF-Evar)0.81 (TRF-Evar)0.72 (TRF-Evar)0.71 (TRF-Evar)
Sequence0.30 (TRF-Evar)0.71 (TRF-Evar)0.51 (TRF-Evar)0.63 (TRF-Evar)
Parametric0.30 (TRF-Evar)0.73 (TRF-Evar)0.57 (TRF-E1/D)0.69 (TRF-E1/D)
4OTU0.23 (TRF-E1/D)b0.66 (TRF-Evar)0.55 (TRF-E1/D)0.60 (TRF-Evar)
Sequence0.24 (TRF-E1/D)0.60 (TRF-E1/D)0.44 (TRF-E1/D)0.56 (TRF-E1/D)
Parametric0.15 (TRF-E1/D)b0.56 (TRF-E1/D)b0.33 (TRF-E1/D)0.54 (TRF-E1/D)
0.1OTU0.68 (TRF-S)0.97 (TRF-H′)0.92 (TRF-1/D)0.80 (TRF-J′)
Sequence0.59 (TRF-S)0.96 (TRF-S)0.83 (TRF-S)0.73 (TRF-J′)
Parametric0.37 (TRF-S)0.76 (TRF-H′)0.65 (TRF-1/d)0.68 (TRF-J′)
  • a Values show the best correlations from among the eight TRF indices evaluated for each of the true indices. OTU sampling included communities with up to 1,200 species, sequence sampling up to 4,000 species, and parametric sampling up to 10,000 species. Values shown for OTU sampling and sequence sampling are averages from analyses of four restriction enzymes (standard deviations were less than or equal to 0.04). Values shown for parametric sampling incorporate variability due to TRF size distribution by using a different randomly generated size distribution for each iteration.

  • b TRF-E1/D and TRF-Evar correlations round to the same two-decimal number.