Summary of the taxonomic affiliations of bacterial strains recovered from an arid soil sample after it was exposed to various doses of gamma ionizing radiation

Dose (kGy)No. of isolates identifiedTaxonomic groups (no. of isolates)
0-3.08Arthrobacter sp. (3), Friedmanniella sp., Geodermatophilus sp., Hymenobacter sp., Methylobacterium sp., Nocardioides sp.
5.0-9.017Bosea sp., Chelatococcus sp. (2), Corbulabacter sp., Deinococcus sp. (2), Hymenobacter sp. (2), Kineococcus sp., Kocuria sp., Methylobacterium sp. (2), Planococcus sp. (2), Sphingomonadaceae (2), Spirosoma sp.
11.0-15.032Chelatococcus sp. (3), Corbulabacter sp., Deinococcus sp. (16), Geodermatophilus sp. (7), Hymenobacter sp., Methylobacterium sp. (2), Sphingomonadaceae (2)
17.0-21.038Deinococcus sp. (15), Geodermatophilus sp. (23)
23.0-25.024Deinococcus sp. (17), Geodermatophilus sp. (5), Hymenobacter sp. (2)
30.014Deinococcus sp. (10), Geodermatophilus sp. (4)