Distribution of L. monocytogenes lineages, serovar groups, EcoRI ribotypes, and ApaI and AscI pulsotypes among surface water isolatesa

LineageSerovar group(s)EcoRI ribotypebPulsotypecNo. of isolates
I1/2b, 3b, 7<DUP-1052*2 (a)Fa (C, F)1
E (C)E (C, F)3
F (C)F (C, F)1
X (C, F)X (a)1
DUP-19175*D (a)D (C)2
4b, 4d, 4eDUP-19175*Z (a)Da (C)1
DUP-1038*J (C, F)J (C, E)1
DUP-1044*H (a)H (a)2
DUP-18611B (C, F)B (C, F)20
II1/2a, 3a<DUP-1062*L (a)L (C, F)2
<DUP-19177La (a)L (C, F)1
DUP-1030*S (C, F)S (C)1
DUP-1039*N (a)N (a)6
P (a)P (C)1
U (C)U (C, F)9
Ua (C)Ua (a)11
DUP-19157T (a)T (a)2
Ta (C)Ta (C)1
DUP-19171*V (a)V (a)1
DUP-19188I (a)I (C)2
IIIListeria spp.<DUP-1059*A (C)A (C)6
  • a Lineages are defined according to reference 58, based on serovar group and ribotyping.

  • b EcoRI ribotype names preceded by a less than sign (<) correspond to patterns exhibiting a one-band difference from the DuPont database designation; those followed by an asterisk correspond to ribotypes associated with human sporadic or epidemic strains, according to the Pathogen Tracker database.

  • c For each PFGE pattern, matches against the PulseNet Canada National Listeria Database are indicated in parentheses. C, clinical; F, food; E, environment; a, no match.