Land use and surface water catchment area characteristics for the suite of catchments within the South Nation River watershed

SiteCatchment size (km2)% Catchment area surveyed in 2005Upstream distance from sampling site to upper margin of surveyed area (km)% Land surveyedd
Dairy or cattle pastureCropaUrbanbNaturalc
MST 12,370.61653.0438115
MST 22,371.11653.5438115
MST 33.0723.4017227
MST 4723.5212.9241813
MST 580.93824.0246011
MST 6176.27641.3532123
MST 71,215.9426.5548010
MST 81,412.81444.5437118
MST 954.37015.8436019
MST 1067.57521.0438115
MST 111,548.01849.6439115
MST 1295.64832.9346011
MST 1388.04328.3344011
MST 142.21003.493615
MST 152.91006.935400
MST 16738.5319.7228319
MST 171,450.31647.9438116
MST 182.81006.305600
MST 191.81004.417000
MST 204.31006.0253013
MST 211.81004.5356014
MST 222.81006.405500
  • a Crop land is land under corn, soybean, wheat, or other production, excluding farmland devoted to forages (e.g., alfalfa, grass, clover).

  • b Urban land excludes housing associated with a farming operation.

  • c Natural land includes wetland, exposed rock, shrub land, or forest.

  • d Rounded to the nearest percent.