Susceptibility of cells of different strains to purified nisin and derived ring A and B mutants

StrainIC50 (nM) ofa:
Nisin APT mutantKSI mutantKFI mutantVFG mutant
L. lactis NZ9700>100>10018102.7
L. lactis LL108(pOri 280)0.40.750.250.41.3
L. lactis LL108(pOri 280)b3.658676.1125
S. epidermidis2.
S. thermophilus1.
P. pentosaceus0.
L. johnsonii0.20.300.10.020.2
L. mesenteroides0.
M. luteus0.
  • a Data are the means of the results of three independent experiments. Values lower than those for nisin A are in bold.

  • b Data are the IC50 values of the truncated (Δ23-34) versions of the peptides against L. lactis LL108(pOri 280).