Qualitative analysis of GAs and related metabolites in F. fujikuroi wild-type strain m567, F. proliferatum strains D02945 and D00502, and transformants of both F. proliferatum strains after complementation of the blocks in the first three enzymes of the pathwaya

Culture filtrateMycelial extract
m567 (MP-C)GA3; GA13; fujenoic acid; GA3 isolactone; 7β,18-dihydroxykaurenolide; GA16; gibberellenic acid; GA7; GA25; GA1; GA9; GA4ent-kaurenoic acid; fujenoic acid; GA25; GA9; ent-kaurene; ent-kaurenal; ent-kaurenol
D02945 (MP-D)ent-kaurenoic acid (trace)
KT24 (D02945)GA3; GA1; GA4; GA3 isolactone; fujenoic acid; ent-kaurenoic acid; GA13ent-kaurenoic acid; ent-kaurenal; ent-kaurenol; ent-kaurene
D00502 (MP-D)GA1 (trace)ent-kaurenoic acid (trace)
KT11 (D00502)GA1; GA13; fujenoic acident-kaurenoic acid; ent-kaurene; ent-kaurenal (trace)
  • a See the text for details. Strains were cultivated for 10 days in 20% ICI. Substances are listed in decreasing order of amounts. Experiments were repeated with similar results.