Representation of Roseobacter sequences in bacterial communities from diverse marine environmentsa

EnvironmentApproachbnc% Roseobacter contributiondReference
North Sea coastal biofilmsCulture collection46316
Southern U.S. salt marsh biofilmsClone library436724
Dinoflagellate (Alexandrium sp. and Prorocentrum lima) culturesCulture collection44306
Dinoflagellate (Alexandrium sp. and Scrippsiella trochoidea) culturesCulture collection765550
Dinoflagellate (Gymnodinium catenatum) culturesCulture collection613145
Dinoflagellate (Alexandrium sp.) culturesCulture collection31873
Dinoflagellate (Gymnodinium catenatum) culturesCulture collection613045
Marine red algae (Prionitis filiformis)Clone library31008
Marine green algae (Laminaria sp.) culturesCulture collection173581
Green algae (Enteromorpha)Culture collection99181
Diatom (Thalassiosira sp.) culturesCulture collection1286
North Atlantic algal (Emiliania huxleyi) bloomFISHNA2642
Clone library300542
North Sea alga (Emiliania huxleyi) bloomFISHNA29.5125
Clone library5024125
Phytoplankton bloom off Plymouth, United KingdomClone library160978
Halophila stipulacea (sea grass)Clone library598120
North Sea bryozoan (Flustra foliacea)Culture collection821087
Scleractinian corals with black band diseaseClone library2002421
Diseased Caribbean coral (Montastrea annularis)Clone library411780
Loligo pealei (squid) accessory nidamental glandClone library71009
Culture collection12179
Loligo pealei (squid) egg capsulesClone library12179
Culture collection609
Hong Kong soft corals (Dendronephthya sp.)Culture collection112747
Diseased Eastern oyster (Crassotrea virginica)Culture collection210013
Sepia officinalis (cuttlefish); accessory nidamental glandsClone library336446
Antarctic hypersaline microbial matsCulture collection7463114
Hypersaline microbial matCulture collection310054
Sea ice, ArcticClone library19211.516
Culture collection1153216
Sea ice, AntarcticClone library1985.516
Culture collection872416
Sea ice, ArcticCulture collection28755
Nankai Trough, cold seep sediments, 0-15 cmClone library57263
San Franscisco Bay marsh surface sedimentsClone library1004110
French Guiana “mobile”mud deposits, 10-30 cmClone library961066
Mud volcano sediments near Mt. Etna, Italy; 20 cmClone library1403121
Antarctic continental shelf sediments, 0-21 cmClone library936114
Sea of Okhotsk subfloor sediments; ash layers, 0-58 mClone library322452
Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal vent surface sedimentsClone library82164
Gulf of Mexico gas hydrate surface sedimentsClone library126470
Anoxic sediments under microbial mat in coastal saltern (Mediterranean Sea)Clone library92376
Antarctic coastal surface sediments; petroleum and heavy metal impactedClone library98284
Southeastern US coastal sediments, 0-16 cmClone library1,4602W. B. Whitman et al., unpublished dataf
Decaying salt marsh grass (Spartina alterniflora)Clone library21015W. B. Whitman et al., unpublished dataf
  • a Excludes seawater samples, which are covered in Table 1.

  • b Studies using the following approaches were included: quantitative 16S rRNA gene clone libraries (“clone library”), FISH, cultivation (“culture collection”), and terminal restriction fragment length polymorphisms (“T-RFLP”).

  • c Number of total clones or isolates analyzed in 16S rRNA gene clone libraries or by cultivation, respectively.

  • d Contribution of Roseobacter members to total bacterial community analyzed with the various approaches. Clone library and culture collection results are shown as percentage of roseobacters with respect to total clones or isolates analyzed. FISH results are provided as percentage of total community enumerated with a Bacteria-specific probe.

  • e NA, not applicable.

  • f Sequences are available at