Strains used in this study

Strain or plasmidIdentificationDescriptionSource or reference
E. colipLBTDonor strain; mini-Tn10:lac:kan2
S. enterica Newport96Eo1152C-TXIsolated from alfalfa sprouts17
JDB 279rpoS::Tn10:lac:kanThis study
JDB 287Tn10:lac:kan insertion in the agfD/agfB intergenic regionThis study
JDB 423rpoS::Tn10:lac:kan complimented with pJDB1This study
S. enterica Enteritidis27655-3bClinical12
ΔagfAProduces no agfA41
ΔagfBProduces no agfB41
Plasmid pJDB1rpoS pCR2.1 from 1655This study