Motility- and chemotaxis-related genes overexpressed in L. monocytogenes strains belonging to lineage IIa

Locus tagGene; functionMP
lmo0678Similar to flagellar biosynthesis protein FliR−0.6130.72
lmo0679Similar to flagellar biosynthesis protein FlhB−0.9640.78
lmo0680Similar to flagellum-associated protein FlhA−0.1290.63
lmo0681Similar to flagellar biosynthesis protein FlhF−0.4170.78
lmo0682Similar to flagellar hook-basal body protein FlgG−0.4780.8
lmo0683Similar to chemotactic methyltransferase CheR−0.9860.83
lmo0685Similar to motility protein (flagellar motor rotation) MotA−0.3230.88
lmo0686Similar to motility protein (flagellar motor rotation) MotB−1.490.88
lom0689Similar to CheA activity-modulating chemotaxis protein CheV−0.9330.89
lmo0690Flagellin protein−7.610.74
lmo0691Chemotaxis response regulator CheY−0.8680.81
lmo0692Two-component sensor histidine kinase CheA−2.570.78
lmo0693Similar to flagellar motor switch protein FliY C-terminal part−0.2480.77
lmo0697Similar to flagellar hook protein FlgE−2.440.8
lmo0698Weakly similar to flagellar switch protein−0.3530.82
lmo0699Similar to flagellar switch protein FliM−0.550.83
lmo0700Similar to flagellar motor switch protein fliY−0.6760.8
lmo0705Similar to flagellar hook-associated protein FlgK−0.8170.9
lmo0706Similar to flagellar hook-associated protein 3 FlgL−0.6890.913
lmo0707Similar to flagellar hook-associated protein 2 FliD−1.440.88
lmo0710Similar to flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgB−1.190.919
lmo0711Similar to flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgC−0.5140.88
lmo0712Similar to flagellar hook-basal body complex protein FliE−0.2390.9
lmo0713Similar to flagellar basal-body M-ring protein FliF−0.6360.87
lmo0714Similar to flagellar motor switch protein FliG−1.020.902
  • a lmo indicates locus tags of L. monocytogenes strain EGDe accessible at M = log2(GlinI/GlinII), where linI and linII are lineages I and II. P = Pr(LinII > LinI).