Strain-specific genes expressed in L. monocytogenes strains belonging to lineage IIa

Locus tagGene function; description or nameMP
lm4b0014Weakly similar to similar to autolysin (amidase)0.620.81
lm4b0015Weakly similar to similar to autolysin (amidase)0.390.86
lm4b0290Similar to internalin D0.320.97
lm4b0349Similar to internalin, putative peptidoglycan-bound protein (LPXTG motif)0.340.97
lm4b0372Similar to internalin, peptidoglycan-bound protein (LPxTG motif)0.990.94
lm4b0484Similar to transcription regulator (VirR from Streptococcus pyogenes)0.490.96
lm4b0687Similar to internalin proteins, putative peptidoglycan-bound protein (LPXTG motif)0.480.93
lm4b0943Similar to ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein0.600.99
lm4b1092Similar to autolysin (N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase)15.30.98
lm4b1101Similar to galactosamine-containing minor TA biosynthesis protein GgaA0.640.88
lm4b1102Similar to Bacillus subtilis TagF protein (probable CDP-glycerol glycerophosphotransferase)1.750.92
lm4b1103Similar to TA biosynthesis protein B precursor0.160.82
lm4b1887Similar to hypothetical proteins containing ChW repeats0.770.91
lm4b2360Similar to putative transcription regulator0.910.99
lm4b2526Autolysin, amidase5.820.91
lm4b2631Similar to internalin; putative peptidoglycan-bound protein (LPXTG motif)1.220.96
lm4b2727Similar to glycosyltransferase; gltA2.150.94
lm4b2728Similar to glycosyltransferase; gltB2.290.94
  • a lmo indicates locus tags of L. monocytogenes strain EGDe accessible at . M = log2(GlinI/GlinII), where linI and linII are lineages I and II. P = Pr(LinII > LinI).