Sigma B-related genes overexpressed in L. monocytogenes strains belonging to lineage Ia

Locus tagGene; functionMP
lmo1421Similar to glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC1.950.94
lmo1426opuCC; transporter (membrane protein)3.640.83
lmo1427opuCB; similar to glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC0.9080.67
lmo1428opuCA; similar to glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC1.940.81
lmo0893Anti-anti-sigma factor (antagonist of RsbW)2.670.84
lmo0894RNA polymerase sigma-37 factor (sigma B)2.290.79
lmo0895Sigma B activity negative regulator RsbW2.340.78
lmo0896Indirect negative regulation of sigma B-dependent gene1.540.81
lmo2230Expression (serine phosphatase) similar to arsenate reductase5.330.88
lmo0783Similar to mannose-specific phosphotransferase system component IIB19.30.94
lmo0784Similar to mannose-specific phosphotransferase system component IIA9.940.96
lmo2398Low-temperature-requirement C protein3.210.94
lmo2602Phosphotransferase system component IIA cation-transporting ATPase20.99
lmo1539Similar to glycerol uptake facilitator0.7480.92
lmo0669Transporter (ATP-binding protein) similar to oxidoreductase2.931
lmo1694Similar to CDP-abequose synthase3.090.99
lmo2695Similar to dihydroxyacetone kinase2.30.86
lmo2205Similar to phosphoglyceromutase 19.50.82
lmo2085Putative peptidoglycan-bound protein (LPXTG motif)2.810.94
lmo0880Similar to cell wall-associated protein precursor (LPXTG motif)2.170.83
  • a lmo indicates locus tags of L. monocytogenes strain EGDe accessible at M = log2(GlinI/GlinII), where linI and linII are lineages I and II. P = Pr(LinI > LinII).