Samples used to study the diversity of Nosema species

CountrySourceNo. of samplesaDatesObservations
SpainVeterinary services and beekeepers149June 2005 to December 2006Sent to CAR laboratory for different pathological problems (depopulation, weakness, or asymptomatic); samples also used for the causative study
FranceR. Borneck6February to May 2006Apiaries from Jura region, collected from dead hives
D. Fortini and J. F. Odoux30April to June 2006Apiary of Experimental Centre in Surgères; high bee colony mortality and weakness; seven controlled apiaries
SwitzerlandA. Imdorf36March 2006Collected from dead hives and colonies without abnormal findings
GermanyW. Ritter692003, 2005, and 2006Different German regions
  • a The total number of samples was 290.