Growth of lactobacilli on different energy sources, including prebiotics

Lactobacillus strainOrigin (and/or source)aGrowth by energy sourceb
L. acidophilus ACCActimel cholesterol control (Danone, France)+++++
L. acidophilus IBB 801Dairy isolate (48)+±++++±
L. amylovorus DCE 471Corn steep liquor (10)+++++
L. casei ShirotaYakult (Yakult Honsha Co., Japan)+++++
L. fermentum IMDO-3Healthy infant's faeces isolate+++++
L. johnsonii La1LC1 (Nestlé, Switzerland)+++++±
L. gasseri K7Healthy infant's faeces isolate (5)+++++±±
L. paracasei subsp. paracasei 8700:2Human colonic mucosa isolate (1)++++++++
L. plantarum ACA-DC 287Greek xynotyri cheese isolate (10)+++++±
L. rhamnosus GGGefilus (Valio, Finland)+++±
  • a The probiotic strains L. acidophilus ACC, L. casei Shirota, L. johnsonii La1, and L. rhamnosus GG were isolated from their commercial products.

  • b Glc, glucose; Fru, fructose; Gal, galactose; Lat, lactulose; TOS, transgalactooligosaccharides (Oligomate 55); Ogf, oligofructose (Raftilose P95); Ogf-Inu, oligofructose-enriched inulin (Raftilose synergy 1); Inu, long-chain inulin (Raftiline HP). +, clear color change of the agar medium; ±, slight color change of the agar medium; −, no color change of the agar medium.