Phenotypic dataa and phylogenetic affiliations (based on 16S rRNA gene analysisb) of the cultured bacteria

Isolatec/Anopheles sp.GenBank accession no./CCUG no.Growth temp interval (°C) (growth temp optimum [°C]/GT [min])dPhylogenetic affiliationClosest relative according to BLASTn (% identity)Closest relative(s) according to phylogenetic analysis
B2.1B/arabiensisAY837746/4971710-40, (35/32)BacillaceaeBacillus simplex AJ628747 (99)Bacillus sp. strains AJ315059 and AJ315062
E2.5/arabiensisAY837747/4971810-40, (35/20)VibrionaceaeVibrio metschnikovii X74712 (98)V. metschnikovii X74711 and X74712
H2.1/arabiensisAY837748/4952015-45, (30/100)γ-ProteobacteriaSerratia odorifera AJ233432 (91)See Fig. 2A
H2.3/arabiensisAY837749/4971120-40, (40/104)NocardiaceaeNocardia corynebacterioidese AF430066 (99)See Fig. 3
H2.5/arabiensisAY837750/4971210-40, (35/92)BacillalesBacillus silvestris AJ006086 (99)B. silvestris AJ006086
H2.14/arabiensisAY837751/4971310-40, (35/28)EnterobacteriaceaeEscherichia senegalensis AY217654f (98)See Fig. 2B
H2.16B/arabiensisAY837752/4971520-40, (35/44)IntrasporangiaceaeJanibacter limosus Y08539 (98)Janibacter sp. strain AF170746
H2.26/gambiae     sensu strictoAY837753/4971610-35, (30/32)PseudomonadaceaePseudomonas putida AF447394 (99)P. monteilii AF181576, P. mosselii AF072688
  • a Additional data are available at

  • b Sequence analyses are based on 1.4 to 1.5 kb and were performed in November 2004.

  • c The mosquito label consists of two parts: first, the sampling occasion (A2 to H2), and second, a number in order of dissection. Isolates retrieved from a mosquito have the same label as the mosquito.

  • d 10°C was the lowest temperature examined. GT, generation time.

  • e Synonyms Rhodococcus corynebacterioides and Nocardia corynebacteroides.

  • f Best hit with sequence having a species name.