P values for multiple comparisons of 16S rRNA clone libraries prepared from the guts of Microcerotermes and Reticulitermes termites

Compared librariesbncP valuea
Libshuff testFST testP test
All M60.00600.00150.00015
All M140.00360.0370.00012
All M220.570.790.29
All Rs30.750.0790.27
All R40.0210.15<0.00006
  • a If P < 0.05 (shown in bold), there was at least one pair of significantly different clone libraries within each group.

  • b M, Microcerotermes spp.; M1, Microcerotermes species M1; M2, Microcerotermes species M2; R, Reticulitermes spp.; Rs, R. speratus.

  • c Number of compared libraries.