Regions of DNA sequence and ORF similarity between plasmids p49879.1 and p49879.2

p49879.1 ORF (no. of encoded aa) or DNA sequencep49879.2 ORF (no. of encoded aa) or DNA sequence% Amino acid identity% Nucleotide identity (length of compared region [bp])Description of proteins in database to which plasmid ORF is related
ORF 19.1 (94)ORF 27.2 (110)71.893 (3,305)MobS/MobC mobilization accessory protein present on IncQ-like plasmids (90-99 aa)
ORF 18.1 (237)ORF 26.2 (504)76.4 (237 aa)93 (3,305)MobL-like mobilization DNA relaxase protein present on plasmid pTF1 (378 aa)
ORF 13.1 (989)ORF 11.2 (961)97.199.92 (3,761)TnpA, transposase-like protein related to Tn3962 (990 aa)
ORF 12.1 (199)ORF 12.2 (198)99.099.92 (3,761)TnpR, resolvase-like protein related to those of Erwinia spp. (194 aa)
ORF 7.1 (320)ORF 19.2 (320)78.184 (2,273)Lfe211p1 protein, present in L. ferrooxidans L3.2 and upregulated 1.9-fold upon ammonia starvation (216-aa partial sequence) (17)
ORF 6.1 (98)ORF 18.2 (98)92.984 (2,273)HU-like DNA-binding protein (90-91 aa)
ORF 4.1 (87)ORF 23.2 (86)47.948 (86)DinJ, DNA damage-inducible protein (87 aa)
ORF 2.1 (187)ORF 13.2 (187)89.387 (695)Uncharacterized protein conserved among cyanobacteria (187 aa)
bp 24289-24463bp 10980-11153NAa98 (173)Noncoding region
  • a NA, not applicable.