Reactions of FITC-labeled lectins with capsule produced by DT104 wild-type biofilms

Man, branched Man, and Glc-specific groupsConA++c
Fuc and branched Fuc-specific groupsAAA
  • a Carbohydrate specificities were as follows: Canavalis ensiformis (ConA): α-Man, α-Glc, α-GlcNAc, and branched Man; Vicia faba (VFA): α-Man, α-Glc, α-GlcNAc, and branched Man with α-fucose as a determinant; Anguilla anguilla (AAA): α-fucose; Bauhinia purpurea (BPA), α-GalNAc and β-GalNAc; Helix pomatia (HPA); terminal N-acetyl-GalNAc. Lectins were obtained from EY Laboratories, Inc.

  • b ++, biofilms of all sizes fluoresced with high intensity and architecture was very well defined; +, biofilms of all sizes fluoresced with moderate intensity (Biofilm structure was usually visible for large biofilms but not for smaller ones); −, little fluorescence observed.

  • c ConA, conjugated to 20-nm colloidal gold, also bound to the capsular material of DT104 (Fig. 5, inset).

  • d HPA, conjugated to colloidal gold, did not bind to the capsule of the DT104 rugose variant (scanning electron microscopy; data not shown).