High-pressure liquid chromatography analysis of phytohormones accumulated within rice tissues 20 dpi with rhizobia in gnotobiotic culture (values based on three replicates)a

Inoculant test strainMean GA3 (mg/100 gfw) ± SEMean IAA (mg/100 gfw) ± SE
RootsLeaf sheaths and leavesRootsLeaf sheaths and leaves
S. meliloti 10211.13 ± 0.46A2.79 ± 0.69B0.060.55 ± 0.06A
A. caulinodans ORS5710.75 ± 0.32B7.90 ± 1.57A0.070.41 ± 0.08B
Uninoculated control0.46 ± 0.16B2.37 ± 0.43B00.24 ± 0.13C
  • a IAA was detected in only one of three plant root replicates inoculated with S. meliloti 1021. Values followed by a different superscript capital letter are significantly different at the 95% confidence level according to Duncan's multiple-range test.