Site information and general properties of the three soils studieda

Soil typeSampling locationLatitude, longitudeElevation (m)Dominant vegetationMean annual precipitation (mm)Mean annual temp (oC)Soil textureSoil pH% Organic C
DesertJoshua Tree National Park, CA33.97oN, 116.07oW1,360Larrea tridentata, Ambrosia dumosa9016Loamy sand7.60.7
PrairieKonza Prairie long-term ecological research site, KS39.10oN, 96.60oW300Andropogon gerardii, Sorghastrum nutans83513Silt loam7.14.0
RainforestManu National Park, Peru12.65oS, 71.23oW420Lomariopsis sp., Piper sp., Cecropia sp., Ficus sp.,4,00025Clay4.63.4
  • a Soil physiochemical properties were characterized using the methods described by Fierer and Jackson (21). The dominant plant species at each site were determined in a qualitative manner at the time of sample collection. Dominant plants are described by genera if species identification was unclear.