Genetic diversity at seven loci based on 76 L. lactis isolates included in Fig. 2 and 3 for which sequences are available for all locia

LocusGene length (bp)Amplified fragment length (bp)Analyzed fragment length (bp)No. of polymorphic sites% of variable nucleotide sitesNo. of allelesAvg G+C content (%)dN/dS ratiob
atpA 1,5031,1414095513.531420.1408
rpoA 939814438296.62242ND
pheS 2,5336183974611.630NDND
pepN 1,0234824116515.838370.0741
bcaT 1,0474933158727.639390.0738
pepX 2,2696024228119.326390.0806
SSU rRNA4,050650420143.315NDND
  • a This subset, apart from pheS, does not comprise any ambiguous nucleotides.

  • b Pairwise ratios of nonsynonymous to synonymous substitutions (dN/dS) in sequences were calculated by using the method of Nei and Gojobori (25). ND, not determined.