Lake characteristics

LakeLocationaLandscapebArea (km2)Depth (m)pHcDissolved organic carbon concn (mg/liter)Total phosphorus concn (μg/liter)NH4 concn (μg/liter)NO2/NO3 concn (μg/liter)
Crystal Bog (CB)NSeepage0.0135.111336723
Hook (HO)SSeepage0.5115.3121715245
Jimi Hendrix Bog (JB)NSeepage0.0146.48915020
Little Trout (LT)NDrainage4.07206.56513421
Firefly (FF)NSeepage0.11146.634170
Ike Walton (IW)NSeepage5.76646.64411021
Brandy (BR)NDrainage0.45137.044161
Red Cedar (RC)SSeepage1.4527.11311578
Trout (TR)NDrainage16.08337.345458
Salmo Pond (SA)SSeepage0.0157.42422426
Little Arbor Vitae (LA)NDrainage2.1688.45115215
Mendota (ME)SDrainage39.38258.66830156
Mirror (MI)SDrainage0.5548.632129542
Green (GR)SDrainage29.73728.867921
Delton (DE)SDrainage1.0838.85273630
Clear (CL)SSeepage0.3348.961100
Cox Hollow (CH)SDrainage0.3968.941038254
Twin Valley (TW)SDrainage0.6238.94982
  • a Lakes were placed into two categories: north (N) and south (S). Lakes categorized as north were above 45°N latitude, and lakes categorized as south were below 44°N latitude.

  • b Categorized by watershed input.

  • c The lakes are in order from the lake with the lowest pH to the lake with the highest pH.