Strains constructed and tested using swarm plate assays

MCP (gene name)Mutant library strain designation (transposon positions)aStrain designation for the aer mcp double mutant
PA0180PTL54327 (370/1173)PAO1334
PA1251PTL9939 (670/1626)PAO1346
PA1561 (aer)PTL14586 (656/1566)
PA1608PTL12842 (334/1626)PAO1335
PA1646PTL18909 (337/1959)PAO1380
PA2652PTL41758 (448/1686)PAO1384
PA2654PTL10830 (147/2145)PAO1344
PA2788PTL14831 (81/1596)PAO1382
PA4520PTL11386 (743/2022)PAO1342
PA4633PTL47884 (338/2139)PAO1336
PA5072PTL16847 (166/1944)PAO1345
  • a Original mutant designation given by the University of Washington P. aeruginosa PAO1 transposon mutant library creators. The nucleotide position of the transposon in the open reading frame followed by the size of the open reading frame in nucleotides is shown in parenthesis.