Discrepancies observed in each lineage from a total population of 518 isolates

LineageDefined MIRU-VNTR loci-repeat no.aDiscrepancyDiscrepant MIRU-VNTR code(s)bNo. of times observed
I39-3, A-4, C-4a39-2, A-3, C-4 + code for lineage II1
b39-2, A-4, C-4 + code for lineage II2
c39-3, A-3, C-41
e39-4, A-4, C-41
II16-1,2,3, 39-2, B-1,2aCodes for lineages II and III present3
b16-3, 39-1, B-25
c16-3, 39-1, B-12
d16-1, 39-3, B-11
e16-3, 39-3, B-24
f16-4, 39-2, B-24
g16-5, 39-2, B-33
h16-1, 39-2, B-32
i16-3, 39-2, B-31
III23-5, C-2a23-3, C-21
IV24-2, 26-2aCodes for lineages I and IV present6
bCodes for lineages II and IV present2
cCodes for lineages III and IV present1
d24-2, 26-12
M. bovis10-2, 40-2, C-5a10-2, 40-2, C-21
b10-2, 40-2, C-31
c10-2, 40-2, C-41
d10-6, 40-2, C-41
e10-2, 40-3, C-51
  • a Numbers stand for MIRU (e.g., 16-1,2,3 indicates that there are 1, 2, or 3 copies of MIRU-16); letters stand for ETR (e.g., A-4 indicates that there are 4 copies of ETR-A).

  • b Discrepant loci are boldfaced.