Prediction of maximum biomass formation rate, succinic acid production rate, and succinic acid flux ratio in various in silico E. coli mutant strains

In silico strainDisrupted gene(s)Maximum biomass formation rate (h−1)Succinic acid production rate (mmole g dry cell weight−1 h−1)Succinic acid flux ratioa
Wild type0.21630.06870.0020
HOsdhA mqo0.21630.06870.0020
HEsdhA aceBA0.21630.06870.0020
HGsdhA ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
HFAsdhA pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
OEmqo aceBA0.21630.06870.0020
OGmqo ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
OFAmqo pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
EGaceBA ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
EFAaceBA pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
GFAptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
HOEsdhA mqo aceBA0.21630.06870.0020
HOGsdhA mqo ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
HOFAsdhA mqo pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
HEGsdhA aceBA ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
HEFAsdhA aceBA pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
HGFAsdhA ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
OEGmqo aceBA ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
OGFAmqo ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
OEFAmqo aceBA pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
EGFAaceBA ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
HOEGsdhA mqo aceBA ptsG0.18910.06010.0017
HOEFAsdhA mqo aceBA pykFA0.21630.06870.0020
HOGFAsdhA mqo ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
HEGFAsdhA aceBA ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
OEGFAmqo aceBA ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
HOEGFAsdhA mqo aceBA ptsG pykFA0.13666.83390.2311
GFAPptsG pykFA pfl0.12199.12360.5034
GFAPLptsG pykFA pfl ldhA0.12199.12360.5034
  • a Calculated as (succinic acid formation flux)/(summed formation fluxes of succinic acid, lactic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, and ethanol).