Fatty acid profile of strain 10403S and Bkd mutant cld-2 in BHI with various supplements at 37°C and 10°C

Strain, supplement, and temp% (wt/wt) of total fatty acidaAnteiso: iso ratioACCLd
10403S, none, 37°CNDb0.810.
10403S, none, 10°C0.31.112.967.71.50.814.95.115.3
10403S, cerulenin, 37°C1.3ND9.470.11.3ND16.78.215.3
cld-2, short BCFAsc, 37°CND8.55.838.022.61.317.41.515.6
cld-2, short BCFAs, 10°CND16.37.152.711.9ND6.21.715.1
  • a Some minor fatty acid components are not shown in this table.

  • b ND, not detected.

  • c Short BCFAs 2-methylbutyrate, isobutyrate, and isovalerate were added at 0.1 mM each.

  • d ACCL, average carbon chain length (calculated as described for Table 1).