Comparison of the different RDH genes identified in RNA samples

KB1 RDH geneMost similar RDH geneNo. of clones containing each RDH gene transcript per treatmenta
rdhA6BAV1 bvcA5343
rdhA14VS vcrA2050
rdhA5FL2 rdhA637112
rdhA3CBDB1 rdhA30100
rdhA7CBDB1 rdhA140100
rdhA1CBDB1 rdhA40110
rdhA8FL2 rdhA80100
  • a For each chlorinated substrate, RNA was extracted at one time point soon after dechlorination began; RDH genes were amplified from cDNA samples, cloned, and sequenced. The number of occurrences of each RDH gene transcript from the different treatments is reported.