Fatty acid profile of strain 10403S in HTM with various supplements at 30°C and 10°C

HTM supplement, growth temp% (wt/wt) of total fatty acidaAnteiso: iso ratioACCLc
None, 30°CNDb10.12.436.
None, 10°C1.08.01.365.6ND11.1ND12.63.915.3
0.1 mM Leu, 30°CND7.417.933.21.719.53.514.51.015.5
0.5 mM Leu, 30°CND5.458.514.
1.5 mM Ile, Leu, and Val, 30°CNDND2.050.7ND1.00.744.925.815.9
1.5 mM Ile, Leu, and Val, 10°C1.
  • a Some minor fatty acid components are not shown in this table.

  • b ND, not detected.

  • c ACCL, average carbon chain length [∑CFA×C)/100, where FA is the percentage of each fatty acid and C is the number of carbon atoms in the chain].