Percentage of bacteria initially added to wells that were recovered from CCO cells or HKDM

StrainMOI (CFU/cell)% CFU recovered froma:
Wild type1:100.37 ± 0.1256.0 ± 15.95
1:10.41 ± 0.15ND
65ST1:100.42 ± 0.0537.3 ± 5.49
1:10.55 ± 0.03ND
  • a Percentage of bacteria recovered following a 30-min exposure to either wild-type E. ictaluri or the EsaU mutant 65ST and a 60-min exposure to a killing dose of gentamicin. Values are the means ± standard errors of the results of three experiments. There were no significant differences between the results for the mutant and wild-type strains. ND, not determined.