Number of isolates in panel 2 belonging to each lineage according to the macroarray and concordance with MIRU-VNTR results

Lineage defined by macroarrayNo. of isolatesDefined MIRU-VNTR loci-repeat no.aComparison of macroarray with MIRU-VNTR
ConcordancebNo. (%) of discrepant results
I1639-3, A-4, C-413/16 (81.3)3 (18.8)
II7916-1,2,3, 39-2, B-1,268/79 (86.1)11 (13.9)
III3823-5, C-238/38 (100)0 (0.0)
IV2724-2, 26-223/27 (85.2)4 (14.8)
M. bovis4510-2, 40-2, C-540/45 (88.9)5 (11.1)
    Total205182 (88.8)23 (11.2)
  • a Combination of MIRU-VNTR (with repeat number at each locus) producing the most unambiguous definition of each lineage. Numbers stand for MIRU (e.g., 39-3 indicates 3 copies of MIRU-39); letters stand for ETR (e.g., A-4 indicates 4 copies of ETR-A).

  • b Expressed as the number of isolates with concordant results/total number of isolates (percent).