E. ictaluri virulence-related genes identified by STMa

Type and name of mutantHomologous gene product (organism)bFunction of matching protein in NCBI databases (accession no.)Length in amino acids% Amino acid identity% Amino acid similarity% Nucleotide identityCI
Miscellaneous chromosomal mutants
    50STNagA (YPK)Glucosamine catabolism (NP_406152 )134718571ND
    65NOInsA (SHD)Insertion element (AAA25031 )508082860.0
    69STMiaA (YPS)Amino acyl tRNA synthesis (NP_404020 )1408090710.014
    69YZGidA (SAT)Glucose-inhibited division protein (NP_462773 )212919678ND
    86LMPyrD (SHF)Pyrimidine biosynthesis (NP_706868 )118819173ND
    95GHLipA (SET)Lipoic acid synthesis (NP_459625 )71959781ND
    155LMGuaB (SET)Purine biosynthesis (NP_457045 )205848881ND
    157ABPpc (SHF)Anaerobic respiration (NP_709756 )30909373ND
    172UVFolD (SET)Folic acid biosynthesis (NP_455132 )16879366ND
    196GHFom1 (STW)Glycolysis (BAA32495)223536951ND
    197GHAdiA (SAT)Biodegradation of arginine (NP_463161 )916682640.16
    199UVNuoH (YPS)Aerobic respiration, electron transport (NP_406080 )193909679ND
    203ABHpt (SAT)Purine metabolism (NP_459175 )69789275ND
    207AB0304 (VCH)Purine metabolism (NP_229959 )211517359ND
    223UVSsb (SHF)Single-stranded DNA binding protein (NP_709860 )119849077ND
    225UVHupA (YPS)DNA binding protein HU-alpha (NP_407181 )1510010086ND
    231STCls (PSS)Phospholipid biosynthesis (ZP_00125405 )113325646ND
    234ABAdiA (SHF)Biodegradation of arginine (NP_838857 )1926174670.00013
    236UVECAUniversal stress protein (CAG74674.1 )1426380350.00000022
Hypothetical proteins
    60ABSETProtein STY3950 (AL513382 )1624657620.000012
    71ABBRJProtein bll4065 (overlaps protein with no database match in 147AB) (NP_770705 )1944565440.00049
    72NOPSTProtein with pentapeptide repeats (Q52118 )1314558290.00000062
    168ABSATMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (NP_462053 )1623355440.0
    180GHYojN (SAT)Putative signal transduction histidine kinase (NP_461211 )1574153620.00051
    193UVYPSPutative fimbrial usher protein (YPO0302 )732952400.00000044
    194ABSETPutative exported protein (NP_457745 )2185772610.000011
    196STOBISigma-L-dependent transcriptional regulator (NP_691931)1052743360.0000011
    233PRPHLPutative adhesin (NP_927889 )1233455360.00089
    245YZDSDPutative Fic protein family; COG3177 (ZP_00129414)1815567660.0
Virulence-related mutants
    58PRLsgA (HPD)LPS biosynthesis protein (NP_873379)1402349430.002
    142YZWaaL (EDT)LPS biosynthesis (AAL01247)228695950.0
    173STWaaL (EDT)LPS biosynthesis (AF326578)1088086840.0000064
    65STEsaU (CHV)Type III secretion apparatus protein (NP_902280)2664357590.0
    84LMUreG (YEN)Urease accessory protein (P42871 )3586100790.000013
    166STEICRepeat region, E. ictaluri plasmid pEI2, upstream from type III secretion chaperone/effector (AF244084 )511001001000.0
    217UVSspH1 (SAT)Type III secretion effector protein (AAD40326 )6804356660.0000012
    243NOUreF (YPS)Accessory for urease assembly (NP_406188 )806282610.00000045
  • a The length in amino acids measures the region sequenced from the tag. In some cases the insert was immediately upstream of the gene indicated but is predicted to affect expression. Amino acid identity and similarity values show the comparison of the amino acids adjacent to the tag with those in the most-similar homologue. In instances where nucleotide matches were not identified by Blast, nucleotide identity was determined by alignment in L-ALIGN at . CI is calculated relative to the wild-type strain 93-146 as described in Materials and Methods. CI values are the averages of the results for a minimum of three fish. In fish where no mutant bacteria were recovered, the CI is recorded as 0.0.

  • b Most-similar homologue of gene product, from organism indicated in parentheses. BRJ, Bradyrhizobium japonicum; CHV, Chromobacterium violaceum; DSD, Desulfovibrio desulfuricans; ECA, Erwinia carotovora; EPEC, enteropathogenic Escherichia coli; EIC, Edwardsiella ictaluri; EDT, Edwardsiella tarda; HPD, Haemophilus ducreyi; OBI, Oceanobacillus iheyensis; PHL, Photorhabdus luminescens; PSS, Pseudomonas syringae; PST, Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii; SAT, Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium; SET, Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi; SHD, Shigella dysenteriae; SHF, Shigella flexneri; STW, Streptomyces wedmorensis; VCH, Vibrio cholerae; YEN, Yersinia enterocolitica; YPK, Yersinia pestis KIM; YPS, Yersinia pestis.