Overview of the isolated Flavobacterium psychrophilum phagesa

GroupBacteriophageSample typeFish farmSample mo and yrEnrichment mixtureGenome size (kb)
IFpV-1WaterCJune 2005A90
FpV-2WaterCJune 2005A90
FpV-3Water with fecesKJune 2005A90
FpV-4Water with fecesLJune 2005A90
IIFpV-5WaterEJune 2005A48
FpV-6WaterEJune 2005A48
FpV-7WaterEJune 2005A48
FpV-8WaterEJune 2005A48
FpV-9WaterFJuly 2005A48
FpV-10WaterbHJuly 2005A48
FpV-11WaterbHJuly 2005A48
IIIFpV-12WaterFNovember 2005B12
FpV-13WaterFNovember 2005B12
FpV-14Water with fecesIJune 2005A12
FpV-15Water with fecesIJune 2005A12
FpV-16WaterONovember 2005B12
FpV-17WaterONovember 2005B12
FpV-18WaterPNovember 2005B10
FpV-19Water with fecesLJune 2005A8
FpV-20Water with fecesLJune 2005AND
FpV-21Water with fecesLJune 2005AND
FpV-22WaterONovember 2005BND
  • a Letters C, E, F, H, I, K, L, O, and P indicate the different fish farms where the phages were isolated. ND, not done.

  • b A dead fish was present in the water from the sampling time until the processing of the samples (∼24 h).