Prochlorococcus growth on plates streaked with heterotrophic bacteriaa

OrganismAccession no.Catalase resultkNo. of wks required for visible growth of Prochlorococcus strain:
MIT 9215MED4NATL2AMIT 9211SS120MIT 9313
Coisolates of Prochlorococcus strains
    Alteromonas sp. strain EZ32bAF493971±13
    Rhodospirillaceae strain EZ35bAF493974±233
    Alteromonas sp. strain EZ33cAF493972+125
    Halomonas sp. strain EZ34cAF493973++237
    Rhizobiaceae sp. strain EZ36cAF493975++235
    Flavobacteriaceae strain EZ40dEU591706±1359
    Sphingomonas sp. strain EZ41dEU591707+1339
    Alteromonas sp. strain EZ42dEU591708±2359
    Marinobacter sp. strain EZ43eEU704111+2359
    Marinobacter sp. strain EZ44eEU591709±533
    Alteromonas sp. strain EZ45fEU591710±533
    Alcanivorax sp. strain EZ46fEU591711+33
    Pseudoalteromonas sp. strain EZ48gEU704112±53
    Rhodospirillaceae strain EZ49gEU704113±23197
    Alteromonas sp. strain EZ55hEU704114±2217
    Rhodospirillaceae strain EZ54hEU704115±2237
Vibrio spp.i
    V. fischeri ES114CP000020+324109
    V. fischeri 7744AY341436+335109
    V. harveyi B392DQ068936±2239
    V. logei 15382AY292932+233149
    Phaeobacter sp. strain Y4IAY457919+33314
    Phaeobacter sp. strain Y3FAF253466+337
    Silicibacter lacuscaerulensis ITI-1157U77644±3251495
    Silicibacter sp. strain TM1040AY332662±35
    Silicibacter pomeroyi DSS-3AY457918+2335
    Sagittula stellata E-37AF253465±25597
    Sulfitobacter sp. strain NAS-14.1AY729963+35
    Sulfitobacter sp. strain EE36AY457920++2435
    Sulfitobacter pontiacus ChLG10AY457921+34595
    Rhodobacteraceae strain SE62AY038920±2555
    Rhodobacteraceae strain PSPC-2AY149624++245
    Citreicella sp. strain SE45AY457916+1335
    Roseovarius nubinhibens ISMAY457917+2265
  • a Results of the streak plate assay show the number of weeks required for Prochlorococcus growth to become visible on at least two of three replicate plates streaked with the indicated heterotrophic bacteria. − indicates that no growth occurred within the allotted time period (16 weeks).

  • b Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain MED4 culture (S. Bertilsson, unpublished results).

  • c Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain MIT 9313 culture (Bertilsson, unpublished).

  • d Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain MIT 9312 culture (this study).

  • e Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain MIT 9211 culture (this study).

  • f Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain NATL2A culture (this study).

  • g Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain SS120 culture (this study).

  • h Isolated from a Prochlorococcus strain MIT 9215 culture (this study).

  • i Source, P. Fidopiastis.

  • j Source, A. Buchan.

  • k Relative vigor of bubble formation upon exposure to HOOH. ++, immediate, vigorous bubbling; +, immediate, slower bubbling; ±, delayed, slow bubbling (<1 bubble s−1).