Gene expression ratios of selected differentially expressed genes in P. carbinolicus Fe(III) NTA-ethanol versus acetoin-fermenting cultures determined with microarrays and real-time qRT-PCR

GeneNameAnnotationM valuea
Pcar_2144pilAType IV pilin structural subunit1.561.72
Pcar_0251adhAlcohol dehydrogenase, class IV2.133.68
Pcar_0343acoAAcetoin:DCPIP oxidoreductase, α subunit−3.73−7.04
Pcar_0893afuAABC-type iron transport system, periplasmic component−2.84−7.69
Pcar_1718cysKCysteine synthase A−3.10−13.47
  • a Positive M (log2 intensity of experimental/control) values are more highly expressed during Fe(III) reduction, and negative M values are more highly expressed during acetoin fermentation.