“Uncultivable” microbial isolates and their helper strains

“Uncultivable” isolate and closest cultured relative (% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity)Helper strain(s) and closest cultured relative(s) (% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity)
MSC1 (accession no. AY062176), Lewinella persicus (95)MSC4, undetermined identity; MSC5, Maribacter dokdonensis (99); MSC6, Pseudoalteromonas sp. (98); MSC7, Pseudoalteromonas sp. (100)
MSC16, Janthinobacterium sp. (99)MSC107, Psychrobacter pulmonis (99); MSC108, Psychrobacter pulmonis (99)
MSC33, Psychrobacter sp. (95)MSC102, Psychrobacter sp. (99); MSC105, Cellulophaga lytica (99)
MSC101, Pseudoalteromonas atlantica (89)MSC102, Psychrobacter sp. (99); MSC109, Psychrobacter sp. (99); MSC110, Psychrobacter sp. (99)
MSC104, Thalassomonas ganghwensis (96)MSC103, Zobellia russellii (99)
MSC106, Pantoea agglomerans (99)MSC105, Cellulophaga lytica (99)