Diversity parameters of Soap Lake sequences defined by a divergence cutoff of 0.03

SampleChao1 (95% confidence interval)Shannon diversityEvennessaCoveragebNo. of clones
    Mixolimnion88 (48-186)3.260.950.4850
    Chemocline65 (43-128)3.320.960.5453
    Monimolimnion>290 (129-458)c3.700.980.2045
    Mixolimnion sediment>141 (89-214)3.830.980.3356
    Monimolimnion sediment>63 (39-132)3.240.970.4348
    Mixolimnion58 (37-127)2.960.880.6946d
    Chemocline32 (28-48)3.100.940.7856
    Monimolimnion53 (38-97)3.250.950.5147
    Mixolimnion sediment>130 (75-253)3.580.960.4350
    Monimolimnion sediment53 (41-88)3.320.940.6357
All653 (553-831)5.280.920.33508
  • a E = H/lnS0.03, where E is evenness and H is Shannon diversity.

  • b C = 1 − n1/N, where C is coverage, n1 is the number of singletons, and N is the total number of sequences (49).

  • c > indicates that the estimate did not stabilize with regard to sampling effort.

  • d The results for only the 5-m sample are shown for October; the 15-m mixolimnion sample contained a total of 54 clones.