Estimated community overlap of interseason and intersample comparisons for OTUs defined by 0.03 and 0.2 Jukes-Cantor distances units

ComparisonUestaVestaĴabdSA,B Chao
D = 0.03D = 0.2D = 0.03D = 0.2D = 0.03D = 0.2D = 0.03D = 0.2
Between seasons (July and October)0.460.870.7210.390.8711598
Between layers within the lake
    Mixolimnion and chemocline0.300.620.690.560.260.423316
    Mixolimnion and monimolimnion0.170.980.0270.200.0240.20522
    Mixolimnion and mixolimnion sediment0.0430.200.350.400.0400.151313
    Mixolimnion and monimolimnion sediment0.120.540.0480.180.0360.16614
    Chemocline and monimolimnion0.190.610.170.930.100.582238
    Chemocline and mixolimnion sediment0.0090.320.0250.350.0070.20111
    Chemocline and monimolimnion sediment0.150.490.631.000.140.492528
    Monimolimnion and mixolimnion sediment0.000.310.
    Monimolimnion and monimolimnion sediment0.290.770.640.800.250.653219
    Mixolimnion sediment and monimolimnion sediment0.0370.280.0100.470.0080.21128
  • a U est and Vest are the fractions of sequences from the first and second seasons or layers indicated, respectively, that belong to a shared OTU (64).