Numbers of chamber-to-chamber transfers of “uncultivable” isolates before emergence of a cultivable variant

Isolates, closest cultured relatives (% similarity)No. of transfers
MSC4, undetermined identity; MSC6, Colwellia psychroerythraea (99); MSC8, Vibrio sp. strain R-3884 (97); MSC22, Colwellia psychroerythraea (94); MSC23, Colwellia psychroerythraea (96); MSC44, Colwellia-like sp. strain IC169 (95)1
MSC32, Pseudomonas trivialis (100); MSC34, Pseudomonas fluorescens (99); MSC39, Colwellia-like sp. strain IC169 (95)2
MSC9, Colwellia sp. strain IE1-3 (97); MSC19, Acinetobacter junii (97); MSC33R, Pseudomonas fluorescens (97); MSC35, Microbulbifer degradans (97); MSC38, Colwellia psychroerythraea (97)3
MSC10, Methylobacterium sp. strain (97); MSC14, Pseudomonas gessardii (99); MSC17, Pseudomonas gessardii (100)4
MSC3, undetermined identity; MSC16, Janthinobacterium sp. strain (99); MSC33, Psychrobacter sp. strain (95); MSC101, Pseudoalteromonas atlantica (89)≥5
MSC24, Aeromonas bestiarum (97); MSC31, Pseudomonas mephitica (100)Unreliable growth