Details of the 26 Giardia genotypes identified in this study, assemblage A and B consensus sequences, and the 24 novel genotypesa

Assemblage (total no. of isolates)Isolate nameNo. of isolatesGenBank accession no.Base change(s) from the consensus sequence
A (58)
Calf consensus24 EU274404
Human consensus13 EU274390
Calf 41 EU274409 G-368-A
Calf 51 EU274412 T-162-A
Calf 61 EU274413 C-288-T; A-39-G
Calf 91 EU274414 T-423-C; C-161-T
Calf 101 EU274403 A-380-G; A-245-T
Calf 111 EU274415 A-286-G; T-199-C
Calf 151 EU274406 T-243-C; A-154-G
Calf 171 EU274407 C-230-T; A-116-G
Calf 481 EU274408 G-216-A; A-121-G
Calf 531 EU274410 A-431-G
Calf 571 EU274411 A-175-G; −20-T; C-161-T
Human 101 EU275983 A-31-G; G-474-A; A-195-G
Human 171 EU274392 G-98-A
Human 261 EU274394 C-233-T
Human 271 EU274395 T-78-C
Human 281 EU274396 A-305-G; A-170-G
Human 301 EU274398 T-387-C
Human 331 EU274399 T-16-C
Human 351 EU274400 A-172-G; C-77-T
Human 361 EU274401 A-31-G; A-361-C
Human 391 EU274402 G-314-A
B (12)
Calf consensus5 EU274405
Human consensus4 EU274397
Human 11 EU274389 A-63-G; T-228-C; C-375-T
Human 161 EU274391 A-63-G; T-228-C; C-375-T; T-297-C; C-211-T; C-67-T
Human 251 EU274393 A-63-G; T-228-C; C-375-T; T- 297-C
  • a Nucleotide substitutions from the respective consensus sequences are shown (original base-nucleotide position-substituted base), as are the number of isolates found representing each genotype.