Legionella species and their low-temperature growtha

SpeciesStrainbSource (reference)17°C growthcProteased
L. pneumophila BAA-74Clinical (15, 52)++++
L. anisa 35292Environmentald (22)++++
L. brunensis 43878Environmental (63)
L. cincinnatiensis 43753Clinical (58)+++
L. erythra 35303Environmental (7)+++
L. feeleii 35072Clinical (26)+++
L. hackeliae 35250Clinical (7)
L. londiniensis 49505Environmental (12)
L. longbeachae 33462Clinical (37)++++
L. micdadei Stanford-RClinical (48)
33218Clinical (25)
31BClinical (48)+
L. moravica 43877Environmental (63)++++
L. oakridgensis 33761Environmentale (40)
L. parisiensis 35299Environmentale (7)+++
  • a +, modest growth; ++, good growth; +++, robust growth; −, no growth.

  • b Except for L. micdadei 31B and Stanford-R, the designations refer to ATCC numbers.

  • c The relative bacterial efficiency of plating on BCYE agar at 17°C, as observed on three independent occasions and as exemplified in Fig. 5.

  • d Casein hydrolysis, as observed at 37°C on at least three independent occasions.

  • e Other isolates of these species have been linked to human infection (32, 33, 59).