Metabolic by-products of 3-methyl-1-butanol-producing strains

Host strainPlasmidsFermentation time (h)Yielda (g/g)Final metabolite concn (g/liter)b
JCL260pIAA11, pIAA13, pIAA17160.035.490.300.14
JCL260pIAA11, pIAA13, pIAA16160.055.480.220.13
JCL260 ΔilvE ΔtyrBpIAA11, pIAA13, pIAA17160.065.620.650.16
JCL260 ΔilvE ΔtyrBpIAA11, pIAA13, pIAA16160.
JCL260 ΔilvE ΔtyrBpIAA11, pIAA13, pIAA16280.1110.570.240.34
  • a Estimated by subtracting 3-methyl-1-butanol produced solely from yeast extract from the total and dividing by the total glucose consumed.

  • b Pyruvate, formate, lactate, and fumarate were not detected.

  • c Glucose consumed.