Strains and plasmids used in this work

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeaReference or source
    XL-1 BluerecA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdR17 supE44 relA1 lac [F′ proAB laclqZΔM15 Tn10 (Tetr)]Stratagene
    JCL16BW25113/F′ [traD36 proAB+ laclqZΔM15]3
    JCL260As JCL16, but ΔadhE ΔldhA ΔfrdBC Δfnr Δpta ΔpflB3
    IAA6As JCL260, but ΔilvEThis study
    IAA10As JCL16, with PlacO-1 integrated upstream of leuABCDThis study
    IAA69As JCL260, but ΔilvE ΔtyrBThis study
    pZS24-MCS1pSC101 ori; Kanr; Plac-ara-1:MCS117
    pSA54p15A ori; Kanr; PLlacO-1:ilvIHCD (EC)4
    pSA55ColE1 ori; Ampr; PLlacO-1:kivd (LL)-ADH2 (SC)4
    pSA69p15A ori; Kanr; PLlacO-1:alsS (BS)-ilvCD (EC)4
    pIAA1pSC101 ori; Kanr; PLlacO-1:ilvIHCD (EC)This study
    pIAA2p15A ori; Cmr; PLlacO-1:leuABCD (EC)This study
    pIAA11pSC101 ori; Kanr; PLlacO-1:alsS (BS)-ilvCD (EC)This study
    pIAA12ColE1 ori; Ampr; PLlacO-1:kivd (LL)-ADH2 (SC); PAmp:bla-lacl (EC)This study
    pIAA13p15A ori; Ampr; PLlacO-1:kivd (LL)-ADH2 (SC)This study
    pIAA15ColE1 ori; Cmr; PLlacO-1:leuABCD (EC); PCm:cat-lacl (EC)This study
    pIAA16ColE1 ori; Cmr; PLlacO-1:leuA(syn RBS)-leuBCD (EC); PCm:cat-lacl (EC)This study
    pIAA17ColE1 ori; Cmr; PLlacO-1:leuA (G462D)-leuBCD (EC); PCm:cat-lacl (EC)This study
  • a EC, E. coli; SC, S. cerevisiae; BS, Bacillus subtilis; LL, Lactococcus lactis.