Sequence similarities of Clostridium clones corresponding to OTUs detected in raw milk

OTUaMost closely related organism(s)Similarity (%)
32C. tyrobutyricum99
33C. tyrobutyricum99
35C. tyrobutyricum99
37C. favososporum,” Clostridium sp. strain 915-198
37C. tyrobutyricum98
38C. sporogenes, C. botulinum99
38C. tyrobutyricum99
38C. magnum98
39C. favososporum,” Clostridium sp. strain 915-199
40C. autoethanogenum,” “C. ragsdalei95
42C. disporicum98
45C. disporicum99
46C. disporicum99
47C. disporicum98
  • a 16S rRNA genes from milk samples were amplified by using Clostridium-specific primers (see Materials and Methods) and cloned as 820-bp inserts. Correspondence between clones and OTUs was established by DGGE analysis, and sequences from selected clones were used for comparative analysis against GenBank. Entries for the same OTU appear on separate lines when they correspond to both different clones and different species.