Cryptosporidium genotypes found in water samples in the Potomac watershed

Species or genotypeMajor known host(s)Minor known host(s)No. of samples positiveNo. of detectionsaDetection site(s)
C. andersoniCattleSheep, humans (?)41167 (151 type A, 14 type B, and 2 type C sequences)All except Great Seneca Creekb
C. felisCatsCattle, humans23Great Seneca Creek
C. meleagridisBirdsHumans, dogs, deer mice, brown rats11Great Seneca Creek
C. serpentisSnakes, lizards11Potomac WFP
Deer mouse genotype III (W1)Deer miceSquirrels35Great Seneca Creek, Potomac WFP, Corbalis WTP
Deer mouse genotype IV (W3)Deer mice11Great Seneca Creek
Cervine genotype (W4)Sheep, zoo and wild ruminants, squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucksDeer mice, beavers, raccoons, lemurs, humans35Great Seneca Creek
Muskrat genotype I (W7)Muskrats, voles34Corbalis WTP, North Fork Shenandoah River, Monocacy River
Snake genotype (W11)Snakes11Potomac WFP
W1211Great Seneca Creek
Skunk genotype (W13)SkunksRaccoons, otters, opossums, squirrels, humans45Great Seneca Creek, Potomac WFP, Corbalis WTP
Vole genotype (W15)Voles11North Fork Shenandoah River
Tortoise genotypeTortoises11Great Seneca Creek
C. bovis-like genotype11Potomac WFP
Mouse genotype II-likeMice13North Fork Shenandoah River
  • a Total number of positive samples for five PCR replicates of all samples.

  • b Detected in one PCR replicate of one storm flow water sample from the Great Seneca Creek.