Effect of time of algal feeding on the ruminal fatty acid compositiona

Fatty acidSampling daySEMbSignificance
C14:1 c90.01ab0.01ab0.01b0.01a0.0010.0510.4680.624
C16:1 c90.03c0.07b0.07a0.07ab0.006<0.0010.0360.796
iso C13:00.01b0.02a0.02a0.02a0.001<0.0010.0160.440
iso C14:
iso C15:00.11b0.18a0.15a0.17a0.010<0.0010.0040.372
iso C16:00.04c0.08a0.06b0.08a0.009<0.0010.0270.769
iso C17:00.07b0.14a0.15a0.16a0.008<0.0010.0030.128
anteiso C13:00.03a0.03b0.03b0.03ab0.0030.0140.0010.431
anteiso C15:00.22c0.30a0.27b0.30ab0.011<0.0010.0010.258
anteiso C17:00.06c0.10b0.10b0.11a0.003<0.001<0.0010.310
C18:3 n-31.41ab1.29b1.65a1.47ab0.0850.019<0.0010.201
C18:2 n-62.372.212.392.080.1310.254<0.0010.497
C18:3 c9t11c150.08b0.16a0.15a0.15a0.0200.0080.7880.527
C18:2 t11c150.22b0.65a0.63a0.67a0.043<0.001<0.0010.142
CLA c9t110.05c0.13a0.09b0.08bc0.013<0.0010.6160.380
CLA t10c120.04b0.06a0.07a0.07a0.005<0.0010.0330.265
CLA c9c11 + t11c130.02c0.03bc0.03b0.04a0.002<0.0010.0090.740
C18:1 c91.78b2.59a2.45a2.32a0.123<0.001<0.0010.233
C18:1 c110.35b0.69a0.67a0.68a0.024<0.0010.3190.698
C18:1 c120.21a0.12b0.12b0.14b0.013<0.0010.3840.390
C18:1 c130.02c0.09b0.09ab0.10a0.006<0.0010.1240.257
C18:1 c14 + t160.26c0.40b0.43ab0.52a0.055<0.0010.0440.634
C18:1 c150.08c0.25b0.28a0.31a0.014<0.0010.0020.134
C18:1 t40.02c0.05a0.04b0.04b0.003<0.0010.0130.534
C18:1 t50.02c0.07a0.06b0.05b0.002<0.0010.0050.388
C18:1 t6 to t80.13b0.38a0.37a0.34a0.023<0.0010.0130.506
C18:1 t90.10b0.57a0.56a0.63a0.054<0.0010.0090.621
C18:1 t100.23c3.60b5.19a5.08a0.368<0.0010.1290.392
C18:1 t110.92d6.38a4.32c5.42b0.201<0.0010.0010.117
C18:1 t120.23c1.17ab1.05b1.21a0.056<0.0010.0020.227
C18:1 t13 to t140.44b1.45a1.41a1.69a0.118<0.001<0.0010.090
C18:1 t150.27b0.67a0.69a0.81a0.060<0.0010.0070.384
C22:6 n-3fNDl0.72a0.71a0.91a0.0880.225<0.0010.904
  • a In mg/g ruminal digesta DM (n = 60). The data represent the means of fatty acids present in ruminal digesta collected at five different time points from three different cows. Means within a row with different lowercase letters following (a to c) differ (P ≤ 0.05).

  • b SEM, standard error of the mean.

  • c D, effect of days on algal-concentrate feeding.

  • d T, effect of time of rumen sampling.

  • e D*T, interaction between days and sampling time.

  • f Yijk = μ + Ai + Bj + Ck + ABij + εijk, where Yijk is the response, Ai the effect of day (day 6, day 13, and day 20), Bj the effect of time of sampling (0, 1, 2, 4, and 6 h), Ck the random effect of cow, ABij the interaction between day and time of sampling, and εijk the residual error. Means with letters following differ from 0.

  • g SFA, saturated fatty acids. Σ (C12:0; C14:0; C15:0; C16:0; C17:0; C18:0; iso C13:0; iso C14:0; iso C15:0; iso C16:0; iso C17:0; anteiso C13:0; anteiso C15:0; anteiso C17:0).

  • h MUFA, monounsaturated fatty acids. Σ (C14:1 c9; C16:1 c9; C18:1 c9; C18:1 c11; C18:1 c12; C18:1 c13; C18:1 c14 + t16; C18:1 c15; C18:1 t4; C18:1 t5; C18:1 t6 to t8; C18:1 t9; C18:1 t10; C18:1 t11; C18:1 t12; C18:1 t13 to t14; C18:1 t15).

  • i PUFA, Σ (C18:3 n-3; C18:2 n-6; C18:3 c9t11c15; CLA c9c11 + t11c13; C18:2 t11c13; CLA c9t11; CLA t10c12; C22:6 n-3).

  • j OBCFA, odd- and branched-chain fatty acids. Σ (C15:0; C17:0; iso C13:0; iso C14:0; iso C15:0; iso C16:0; iso C17:0; anteiso C13:0; anteiso C15:0; anteiso C17:0).

  • k n-3, Σ (C18:3 n-3; C22:6 n-3).

  • l ND, not detected.