Identities of the predicted proteins encoded by the GI specifically enriched in CC17 E. faecium as determined by BLAST

Predicted proteinAnnotationOrganismAmino acid identity (%)a
1475Glycosyl hydrolaseCitrobacter koseri52
1476Protein with unknown functionPaenibacillus species37
1477Glycosyl hydrolasePaenibacillus species50
1478Binding protein-dependent transporter proteinHalothermothrix orenii36
1479Binding protein-dependent transporter proteinPetrotoga mobilis43
1480No homologues found
1481Sugar binding proteinBacillus clausii22
1482AraC transcriptional regulatorClostridium bolteae36
  • a Amino acid identities represent top BLAST hits. BLAST searches were performed in GenBank.